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Welcome to Blue Monkey Bicycles!

We are a different kind of bike store specializing in Electric Bikes. We see eBikes as fun, everyday transportation and a great way to get some exercise while driving less. We are proud of our selection of thoughtfully chosen bicycles and accessories. We only carry eBikes that are well built, well supported and a great value to our customers. If we wouldn’t own it ourselves, we won’t sell it to you. Stop in for a free test ride and get all of your questions answered in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Customer Pictures


Pedego Logo
Pedego is quickly becoming the world’s favorite brand of eBikes and Blue Monkey Bicycles is proud to be Northern Utah’s home for Pedego Electric Bikes. Pedego’s build quality, warranty and stellar support are just a few of the reasons that we love them. Did we mention the powerful motors and vast assortment of colors and styles? There’s a very good chance that the eBike you’re looking for will be a Pedego. Come on in, take a test ride and get all your questions answered. See their full line here.
Felt Electric
Blue Monkey Bicycles is proud to introduce Felt Electric. A brand new line of Bosch powered mid drive electric bikes by the company whose mission is “to design, develop and deliver the best bicycles in the world. Period.” The SPORTe and the NINEe are available now. The DUALe and the LEBOWSKe will show up around October 2014. To see more of these amazing machines go here.
BH Easy Motion
Easy Motion, the electric bikes that don’t look like electric bikes. Lightweight and powerful are words to describe BH’s assortment of electric bikes. BH is based in Spain and has been building bikes since the early 1900s and Easy Motion is their electric line. These bikes stand out with their integrated down tube battery. Several frame styles are available including full suspension and hard tail mountain bikes, road bikes, urban/city and folding bikes. Stop in and energize your next bike ride. Click for more.
Yuba Bikes Logo
Yuba makes great cargo bikes. In fact, the Blue Monkey Bicycles’ shop bike is an electric Mundo. We’ve been known to deliver customer’s bikes by towing them with our Mundo. Yuba makes solid, well designed cargo bikes that will handle huge loads and still handle the road like a regular bike. Yuba bikes are available in electric and non-electric versions. These bikes lend themselves to be customized to fit your needs. We are always on the lookout for ways to carry more by bike. See Yuba’s line here.

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